Woolights. Lamps made of plywood.

Plywood plays major role in our lamps

Birch-tree forest in the fr north of Europe

We design and produce lamps made of birch plywood from the pristine Scandinavian forest of the High North.  Its soul will gently fill your room with subtle natural scent of fresh wood. 

Each plywood petal is deferent

Light captured in wooden shells is appealing, warm, delicate, subtle. Sinking through the petals and plying with the shade it, reveals the structure of the material. Each petal is a bit different from others. Light changes accordingly. Each lamp is unique. Each will surely WOO you. 

Aiko ceiling lamp is made of birch plywood it shines warm, soft light

Thin, strong and flexible Scandinavian plywood

The plywood we use in our lamps is a state of the art material. It is strong, flexible and at the same time subtle-looking and thin. Thin enough to allow light to go through wooden petals making it soft and tender.

Structure of each plywood petal is different it makes our lamps so unique

As each piece of wood is unique, each Woolights lamp is unique. On the petals of your lamp you will see the natural patterns of the growth rings of a tree, sometimes knots or little scratches. All these natural little imperfections give each lamp its exceptional character.

State-of-the-art modern materials

Margarita Cappuccino ceiling lamp is made of dark birch plywood

In construction of our lamps we also use other modern materials such as special grade acrylic and steel. Lamps arrive to you flat packed as our products are designed to be self-assembled. Very easy and amusing assembly process is guided by the graphical instruction included in the set. Don't you worry, you can do it for sure! Choose your favourite lamp and enjoy!